12 May 2008

Tom's Mother's Day Spaghetti Sauce

Yesterday was Mothers Day, and I told my sons I wanted them to start taking the reins for our family celebrations of this holiday. So, Tom and Josiah, and Tom's fiance Megan met Mimi at 9:30 in the arboretum for a nice walk amongst the rhododendrons. I, in the meantime, stayed home and made a couple of pies. Mimi and I had an opera date at 2 pm and then we were invited to Tom and Megan's for dinner with them and Josiah, and Carmen/Henry. Josiah, Tom and Megan had worked all day to make us a really special dinner. We sat down to a lovely dinner of Mimi's favorite, Flank Steak, and pasta with a delicious red sauce that Tom made. This morning, Mimi sent Tom and Josiah thank you emails and told them how much she enjoyed Tom's sauce, asking how he'd made it. Here is his response:

2 boxes chopped tomatos, 1 box tomato sauce
4 hot sausages da Pino (I'd eaten one earlier in the week)
4 portabello mushrooms, roughly 1 inch cubed
1 onion
~6 cloves of garlic
1 or 2 sprigs of fresh oregano (the only plant that's survived from last year)
1 package of basil
"enough" salt
dash of oil to keep the onion & sausage from sticking to the pan
love for one's mother

With that recipe, how could one fail?

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