22 April 2008

Bike Route For Mimi

Here's a bike route that will get one from Plant II (Boeing Field) across the First South Bridge and then to Alki. There are two sorta dangerous traffic crossings, first turning off East Marginal Way onto River Street to get to the bike lane across the bridge, then again at Marginal Place SW - a short little block long street that dead ends at the Spokane Street Bike Trail. The Duwamish Trail is pretty nice, extending from the time you come off the First Ave S. Bridge until north of Terminal 107 Park, but it dead ends out onto West Marginal and you've got about 4 blocks of what can be pretty heavy traffic and no left turn lane. An alternative is to continue along West Marginal and UNDER the bridge, which is ok for going to Alki, but not for heading east to go downtown.

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MimiTabby said...

Thank you!