08 April 2008

Last Night's Dream

Last night I was awakened by a dream. Not necessarily a bad dream, but definitely not what I'd consider a good dream, by any stretch of the imagination.

I was riding along, enjoying the springlike weather. It was warm and I had on shorts and short jersey. It was yellow and blue, so I am thinking it must have been my new Sacramento Wheelmen jersey. I had been riding along on the street, but was coming to a waterway. I think it was the ship canal between the Ballard Locks and Lake Union, though the scene was a little different than what I know that area to be. There was a bridge over the waterway. There was an exit from the street/trail whatever I was riding on, going left and appeared to be at the same level as what I was on, though the trail going that direction was a bit lower. I executed a left turn, and spiraled around in a circular counter-clockwise rotation to get from where I was onto the trail, but at the last minute discovered that the pavement I was on ended abruptly with a 3' or so dropoff down to the river. I got my bike 90 degrees to the edge, but was unable to remain upright and fell over to my right side, falling, still straddling my lovely Katrina, into the water. I sank like a rock until I finally realized I could either go to the bottom with my bike or let go of the bike and swim to the surface. I thought about this for a bit and finally let go of the bike, and woke up as I was just about to break the surface of the water. I was left in a half-sleep trying to figure out how I was going to get my bike back out of the murky river which was very deep.

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