09 July 2011

A Really Nice Day With My Girlfriend

Every month, Mimi and I take one weekend and just sorta hang out together. Sometimes we do something very, very special. Others we keep it real simple. This is "our weekend". Today I dropped Kirke and Kathy at the start line for STP, came back home and went back to bed for an hour or so. After spending a good part of the morning with Mimi painting and me catching up on some of my RUSA volunteer work stuff, we hopped aboard Cayuse and Cavaletta and headed off north. First was a stop at Bike So Good for some minor work on both bikes.

Then it was off again. After a brief stop at the cat rescue place to visit the homeless critters, we rode around Alki where we stumbled onto one of the early Seafair weekend gigs, complete with seafair pirates, food stands, and even a pole
vaulting competition with bona-fide prize money involved.
And let me tell you, with genuine hand dipped fresh corndogs and root beer floats, ol' Raleighdon was one happy customer!

The women polevaulters were going at it when we returned from chowing down.

Which made Boothby just about as happy as a clam at high tide.

The pirates? Well, they're pirates. What can I say? They gots to eat lunch too.

Pretty much everybody was having a good time watching the scenery today. But after a while, it was time to head to Blue Bottle House and then mosey toward home.
The Seattle skyline from Alki Point was exceedingly gorgeous today, with the deep blue waters of Puget Sound

And then there's The Sphere ("It's a mobile radar station mounted on a floating oil-drilling platform.

The Sea-Based X-Band radar vessel is operated by the U.S. Missile Defense Agency and operates in the Pacific, watching for ballistic missiles.

Boeing won a $27 million contract for the upgrade and maintenance work to be performed at Vigor Shipyard, formerly the Todd Pacific Shipyard in Seattle.

The radar will not be operating while in port. The public is required to stay at least 100 yards away from the vessel." - source: Seattle Times)
Riding along the Duwamish Trail, I stopped to check the plumbing and stumbled upon some particularly beautiful blackberry flowers.

While I was doing that, Mimi was on the other side and hollered "HEY, Let me have the camera." She wanted to take a picture.......of blackberry flowers.
I sure have an awesome girlfriend!

Off we rode again, crossing the First Ave. S. Bridge where we got to see another great view of Mt. Rainier and the Duwamish River.

And then we came to yet another fork in the road. After much debate, we decided not to take it.
And as I stood there contemplating the beauty of the day, this little ladybug sitting on the fence drew my attention.

And then, we climbed up Swift, not very swiftly, toward home.

Mimi designed this jersey. She isn't convinced it was the jersey I wanted a picture of. She should know me better by now.

Finally, we got one more pretty view of Mt. Rainier from Beacon Ave. S, just before turning off toward the house.
A fine day with my sweetie!

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