10 January 2010

01-10-10 - What a Difference a Week Makes!

What a difference a week makes, yes indeedy! Thinking back just a short 9 days ago when we rode 125 miles in hard rain, this morning’s gorgeous sunrise simply left me breathless and determined to take advantage of the best weather we’ve seen for a while.

As much as it genuinely pains me to say it, the weather in Seattle today was absolutely ideal. I started out from the house about 9:00 for a 25 mile loop over to Lincoln Park, Alki (with a stop at Tully's for some coffee and a donut), then home again. It was 46 leaving the house, so I had on a long-sleeved silk underlayer and one of my old Perlizumi long sleeve jerseys with a windbreaker, wool knickers and short wool socks, and long fingered gloves. The first 3 miles from my house is pretty much downhill, followed by a couple of really nice climbs (1 is 11% for almost a mile) and by the time I got up to the top, I had to stop to take the jacket off. As I did, I was treated to a really nice view of Mt. Rainier behind me.

About a half hour or so later, it was even more spectacular as I saw it from Marine View drive just before the descent to Lincoln Park (I'm at elevation +/- 600' above sea level here)

The view out over Puget Sound to the south with Des Moines (left) and part of Vashon Island (right) was pretty nice, too.

Off to the west, the pristine Olympic Mountain Range was showing off, as well, with the Fauntleroy/Southworth Ferry heading in toward the Fauntleroy dock below me.

After a nice fast decent, I got down to Lincoln Park where I took off the busier roads and rode around by the water for a while where the temperature had warmed to a very pleasant 51 degrees. .

After coming out of Lincoln Park, the route follows along the waterfront to Alki Beach, where I went by one of my favorite places, the "blue bottle house"

and then stopped at the Statue of Liberty to reflect a little bit on what it means to be an American these days.

Several of my favorite American heroes are quoted here, including these two:

Of course, no ride is complete without a stop for some coffee and (ya think MAYBE???) a donut. I get so excited about my pastries sometimes, I just can't focus my blackberry very well.

When I rolled up to Tullys, though, I got to see one of my favorite vehicles, the famed TRIKE

I had a great time chatting with the owner of this fine steed (and his sister), who gave me a great demonstration on how the bell worked. Sis was really impressed with how my bell worked (complete with a thermometer) and told me she didn't have a bell for her baby stoller, and spent a bit of time introducing me to all of her dollies - sure wish I had some pics of those kids!!! They were really precious.

After working my way aroung Alki Point and south along the Duwamish Trail, I crossed the First Ave. S. Bridge for another great view of my mountain

and then headed home after riding around through the industrial district for a while where a few of the other pieces of heavy equipment found out that my bike isn't easy to crush

And as I rode along Michigan Street (this is one street NOT recommended for bicycles) I couldn't help be amused by this car wash sign

Thinking maybe I could get an explanation of just what this "CHEW BUSH" sign meant, I pulled into the parking lot and examined the other side

Now I'm even more confused than before. What the heck is a BASIC CAMEL?


The temperature at Alki when I came out of Tully’s was 53 degrees and by the time I got home, I'd seen 55 degrees once briefly coming up Swift toward Beacon Hill.

2010 is off to a great start!


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Sounds like a kool ride! I envy your weather for it,LOL! Been around or below 20 degrees here since before the new year :p

好痛 said...

cool blog,期待更新.........................

Jack said...

Hey Raleigh,

No wonder you are confused about the signs in WS, unless you are a smoker, they probably don't mean much.