24 July 2009

Dumpster Diving at the Essential Bakery

Yesterday was my second consecutive "extended commute". Wednesday I did a 51 mile commute on tandem of which about 30 of it was solo, but yesterday Mimi and I had a date. I had to pick up storage locker keys for RAMROD organizing stuff, and was going to meet VP Mike "somewhere on the trail" with both of us leaving respective starting points at about 4:30. Mimi met me in downtown. We were going to ride together, but we needed to be back up to Beacon Hill in time to pick up our farm share. We wanted to meet the kids for dinner, too, and Tom & Megan had to be outta there by not later than about 6:45 since they were going to a Gilbert & Sullivan show. Timing was sorta tight, but not too. We rode out along the Burke Gilman Trail and I told Mimi at 5:00, "ok, now in the next 5-10 minutes we should be meeting up with Mike (she'd been worried about timing since we needed to be at the restaurant by 6). At 5:08, I'm looking up the trail and VOILA!!! There he is. Got the keys, chatted a few minutes and headed back toward Blue C Sushi in Fremont. Stopped along the way to pick a few blackberries (still not real ripe, but tasty nonetheless - Mimi says they'll be ripe on full moon). So, we're riding back toward the restaurant, and I have an idea, since we're about 15 minutes early. Riding home from Bike Expo back in February or March, I'd met a guy on the trail and started chatting with him. I was supposed to peel off and head south, but we were having a great time getting to know each other, so I figured I'd ride into Fremont and then cut south through downtown and home, only a couple extra miles. As we neared the Essential Bakery, he says to me, "Hey, I've got to stop at the bakery and grab a loaf of bread." Well, I thought that was a great idea. They make wonderful artisan loaves and it's one of my favorite bakeries in town. So I figured I'd get a loaf too, since we always can use some. Well, instead of going into the bakery, the guy pulls into the back parking lot. Rides up to a dumpster, lifts the lid and pulls out a beautiful loaf of bread. These aren't filthy yucky dumpsters. They're "clean", and absolutely chock full of beautiful loaves of bread in bags. Essential Bakery absolutely will not sell day old bread. I'm not sure why they simply throw it away, but they do. Apparently the college kids have known about this for a long time. Well, I grabbed a loaf and took it home. Mimi was THRILLED. She loves bargains.

That's the set up. Here's the photos:

Dumpster diving at Essential Bakery #1

and notice the beautiful jersey this girl is wearing. She designed the logo herself. They're for sale through the Team Estrogen website

Dumpster diving at Essential Bakery #2


IMG_9255Dumpster diving at Essential Bakery #3

......and now you know..............

.............the rest of the story.

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