04 April 2013

Donald's Pie Dough Recipe

I know you all want it, so I am going to share it. of course, until you learn to feel the dough, it's not going to work anyway; but this will certainly get you started:
Pie Dough

300 g (2 c) flour
170 g (1-1/2 sticks) salted butter
+/- 1/4 c iced water - really a little more makes a more workable
 dough, but don't want it too "wet".
Donald ALWAYS took a sip of that ice water. EVERY SINGLE TIME he made a pie. And Donald's words after this pie dough was made: As promised, I made a pie tonight, but it is really strange. The last time I tried to do this, I had the same problem with a dough that was tough to work with because I'm too focused on measurements, and not enough on feel. But it looks good to me!
and finally, how to eat a Raleighdon Pie

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Unknown said...

just so that you know, Donald made all pies visible in this demonstration (two)